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CVS Healthcare

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$5 Billion On The Line

Leading health solutions company CVS Health (you may have visited their retail pharmacy) was renewing their contract with the Federal Employee Program (FEP), which provides medical benefits for federal workers and retirees. They recommended using the Orlando specialty pharmacy as the primary intake site for FEP specialty pharmacy members, but couldn’t show them the facility due to COVID-19 restrictions-and only had a few days to meet the deadline. The cure? A virtual tour. And that’s where Findsome & Winmore came in.


  • Digital Design
  • Illustrative Design
  • Video Production

Understanding that CVS Health had a $5 billion contract on the line, we approached the project with an all-hands-on-deck attitude.

The question wasn’t if we could get it done, but how we would get it done. So, we immediately got to work organizing a film crew, refining a script, scouting the location and coaching CVS Health employees to be camera-ready. After a schedule of around-the-clock preparation and production, we were finally ready to deliver the finished product to the client.

The result was a compelling nine-minute video that demonstrated how CVS Specialty was the best fit for the FEP’s current needs and future growth. In fact, it was so compelling that not only was the contract renewed, but the FEP also accepted the recommendation to move its specialty pharmacy business to Orlando. Delivering the goods, sealing the deal, and making our client look like a superstar in the process⁠—a prescription for success.