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As advancements in technology continue to develop, companies must find relevant ways to stay connected with the public. One of the strongest methods to create and maintain open communication with your audience remains to have an updated, professional website.

The steps that go into assembling or restructuring your website can initially appear daunting as technological words are added into its formation. As web specialists, we have crafted a formula that equates hosting your website with us to building a house. Here are the four steps to turn your business’ webpage into a home for your customers.

Choose your lot space for hosting.

One of the first steps to building a house is choosing the plot of land that you want to purchase or rent. It is the space where you will store your belongings and choose how elaborate you would like the features of your home to be. elaborate

The lot is similar to the hosting for a website, or the space to store your files. Hosting is a paid service for you to stockpile data and files to large computers called servers that retain the material to be accessed by your visitors.

Are you looking to move your website? As website professionals, we will assist with your website move to a new hosting location. The larger and more intricate your home/website, the more we will accommodate your plans to improve your move.

Mark your address with your domain.

Now that you have chosen your lot, it is time to let the world know where to find your website. Just like every house has an address where visitors and mail can be delivered, a website has a domain or web address to let customers know your location on the internet. Have you ever heard of your IP address? Your domain is an aesthetic way to disguise an IP address’s long set of numbers with your choice of .com, .edu, etc.

This location is yours and specific to you because domains are purchased and recorded through a registrar. You can choose to customize your email accounts to match your domain as if you were picking out your street address display on your home.

If you want to move to a new web address, you must change your domain through a process called redirection. This rerouting will make sure people trying to visit your old website will be forwarded to your new address. Without this step, visitors to your website could get lost so we can help redirect them with a forwarding address.

Get creative with the design and construction of your website build.

Once you have decided on your web address, it is time to create your website development plan. During this step, architects (graphic designers) and builders (developers) build out the framework of your home. Mockups or prototypes will be produced by designers to prepare the blueprints for the final design. These models will later translate into your working website.

We take pride in the process of assembling your website so construction can take up to a few months to complete. This is because we verify your house has a solid foundation, appealing visuals, and is user-friendly for you and your customers.

Time to move in on your website launch date.

After the construction and design are complete, your website ready to launch! We will make the necessary arrangements to make your move-in date as worry-free as possible. That way you will have plenty of time to celebrate your website’s launch date.

When we hand over the key to your new home, we will ensure that you can invite visitors, reorganize your furniture, and enjoy your new home/website.