Findsome & Winmore is a full-service marketing agency with a singular mission: to help our clients FIND and WIN new customers.

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Findsome & Winmore cultivates a creative environment for important ideas to take flight. With a tradition of client service and a passion for creative that gets results, we’ve developed a reputation for client success. And for 25 years we’ve developed our place in the marketing world with one core purpose–to Find and Win new customers for our clients.

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Marketing trends and thought leadership

Credibility Crisis: A Digital Native's Take on Restoring Trust in Journalism

The words ‘journalism’ and ‘ever-evolving’ have become analogous due to the continual evolution of the methods in which media is consumed. Within the meritocracy that is social media, everyone has their...

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Navigating the Changing Landscape of Higher Education (and Why AI Falls Short)

It seems like every time we chime in on the subject of AI, it’s to highlight the ever-expanding capabilities of this game-changing (or world-ending, depending on who you ask) technology. Since our first...

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Embracing Negative Reviews

In this episode of the Brand Narrative podcast, restauranteur Thomas Ward shares his story about how to harness negative reviews for the good. Links discussed include: Pig Floyd’s Urban BBQ Pigzza...

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Agency Podcast

For marketing insights on the go (or while you fold your towels), check out the Brand Narrative Podcast hosted by our Founder Matt Certo. We tackle topics ranging from differentiation and identity to brand evangelism and navigating a name change. Check us out on Spotify, Apple, or wherever you get your podcasts.

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