Institutional Knowledge: Findsome & Winmore Introduces Higher Ed Sister Company

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As Findsome & Winmore enters its 30th year of operation, we are pleased to introduce Institutional Knowledge, a sister company focused on the marketing needs of higher education clients. Since our founding in 1995, we’ve had the privilege of working with a diverse range of clients and industries, and one industry that has maintained an enduring place in our portfolio is colleges and universities. The introduction of Institutional Knowledge, LLC represents an important step forward in that realm.

Our extensive experience in the higher education space dates back to our agency’s origin story. Findsome & Winmore and Institutional Knowledge Founder Matt Certo built Rollins College’s first website out of his Rollins College dorm room in 1995. Since then, he and his growing team have gained a wealth of knowledge and achieved notable success within the industry. This depth of experience led us to develop expertise in the distinct marketing needs of institutions of higher education, a capacity which has become increasingly useful in today’s era where many are questioning the value of a college degree.

Institutional Knowledge meets the unique needs of higher education institutions and brings extensive expertise, insight, and accomplishments to the space. Our team has developed unique higher education-specific marketing tools as well, including a flagship offering called Binocular, a comparative engine that uses artificial intelligence to help institutions identify, create, and leverage important points of differentiation. We aim to share these specialized tools with colleges and universities across the country.

Findsome & Winmore will continue to develop its portfolio in areas including sports, healthcare, non-profit, private clubs, and professional services among others. The launch of Institutional Knowledge allows us to focus more deeply on the higher education sector while continuing to provide exceptional marketing solutions to our diverse clientele.

Our founder, Matt Certo, CEO of Findsome & Winmore, shares some deeper insight into Knowledge:

What inspired the decision to build Institutional Knowledge?

Our roots are firmly planted in higher education, and over the years, we’ve had the opportunity to work with numerous colleges and universities. This experience has allowed us to develop industry-specific views and tactics that are distinct in their focus. We want to share these insights with other institutions around the country.

How does higher education marketing differ from other industries?

While the basics of connecting customers with a brand remain consistent, the needs of higher education brands are indeed unique. We live in a time where the value of college is under intense scrutiny, and higher education institutions have a strong opportunity to differentiate themselves in an uncertain marketplace.

What’s next for Findsome & Winmore?

Findsome & Winmore continues to meet the needs of clients in varying industries and remains committed to our mission of helping clients find and win new customers.