The World Doesn’t Need Another Podcast (So They Said)

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By Matthew W. Certo

“The world doesn’t need one more podcast,” they said.  I kept hearing that refrain in my mind over the past several months: morning, noon, and night – and it continued to echo in the same noisy head as I contemplated a new podcast: Brand Narrative.

The trouble with voices like that is that they keep us from doing our best work.  They keep us from stepping out and doing the thing that we think should be done.  They keep us from creating the art we were meant to create.

What would happen if we listened to those voices?

Well, if we didn’t create a new podcast for Findsome & Winmore, we wouldn’t be able to highlight our talented team members with insight to share about their passions.  We wouldn’t be able to hear from our clients about what they’re experiencing and learning. We wouldn’t be able to learn from industry experts about how current events of today will impact our field tomorrow. And most importantly, we wouldn’t be able to share all of that with people who might benefit from it in some way: the next entrepreneur, creator, or person simply reluctant to take their next step with an endeavor.

So we’re officially ignoring that voice and inviting you to listen along with us to hear what that sounds like.

In our first few episodes we’ll cover topics ranging from what a Major League Baseball team got wrong when it changed its name to how a thriving restaurant group masters marketing with virtually zero advertising.  We’ll also draw marketing lessons from the late Arnold Palmer — the person, the brand, and the team that carries his legacy forward today.

So please check us out at or search “Brand Narrative” wherever you get your podcasts.  A few of the more popular places include Apple PodcastsSpotifyAudibleGoogle PodcastsStitcher, and Overcast.

Send all compliments and complaints to [email protected].  We’d also love to hear your marketing questions (you can send us a voice memo) and ideas for show topics.