This is Huge: Why We’re Betting Big on Content Marketing

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Content marketing is nothing new, and we can’t say it’s the “next big thing” –– so we won’t. But as we at Findsome & Winmore pave our path forward and think of ways for both our agency and our clients to make an even greater impact, all roads (or at least the major highways) seem to lead back to content marketing.  

Whether or not you’re aware of it, you likely interact with content marketing on a daily basis. If you listen to podcasts like The Harvard Business Review’s HBR IdeaCast or our very own show, Brand Narrative, you’ve interacted with content marketing. If you’ve gained key small business insights from an article in the American Express OPEN Forum, you’ve seen the impact of content marketing, as have all those who swipe (begrudgingly or otherwise) through their friends’ Spotify Wrapped posts at the end of each year. Content marketing is all around, and even with 82% of marketers already leveraging this tactic as part of a greater marketing strategy we expect more businesses will begin to see the light in the coming years.  

Here are just a few reasons why we’re betting big on content marketing –– and why you should, too. 

It Gets Attention 

When done right, content marketing attracts more clicks, eyeballs, and listens than other methods, with studies reporting that businesses heavily relying on content marketing can generate up to 3.5X more leads. This same study has shown that businesses not already on the content marketing train can triple their return on ad spending by climbing aboard. It’s just that good. Still not ready to buy a ticket? Think about how much time you spend with content, be it in video, blog, or podcast form. If you’re like most Americans, who consume 8+ hours of digital media each day, there’s a decent chance content marketing is occupying more of your mental real estate than you realize.  

You Can Play to Your Strength(s) 

One mistake business owners and brands make when embracing content marketing is trying to be something they’re not. Entrepreneurs with decades of public speaking experience, blessed with the gift of gab, might force their way into blogging when their strength lies in podcasting. Similarly, those with a mastery of the written word might assume podcasting is the only path –– resulting in 45 minutes of “ums,” “likes,” and “…” which could have otherwise been a compelling 1500-word article. Content marketing is about putting your ideas, opinions, and offerings in front of prospects. Make sure you’re casting yourself in a good light.  

It Gives Your Brand Depth 

We’ve all arrived at a business’ website, expecting the world and receiving a ghost town instead. Spartan “about our team” pages, entire pages dedicated to contact forms, and nowhere to actually get to know you. Without effective content marketing, your business is a cardboard cutout of Superman, toppling at the slightest gust of wind. But with it, it’s the Kryptonian himself –– fully fleshed out and ready to save the day. With that said: Employee spotlight blogs don’t need to be 1,000+ words, they just need to demonstrate that real people (with real stories) make your business hum. Educational videos don’t need to be on the level of a Ken Burns documentary, they just need to demonstrate your wealth of knowledge and your willingness to share it. Whether you want to communicate the extent of your service, your passion, your expertise, or all three, content marketing can be a means of accomplishing this goal.  

Are You Content with Your Content?  

These are just three of the many ways that content marketing can give your business a boost, and the full breadth of the benefits you’ll reap depends on how you wield this tool. Further, it’s important to note that your content is only as strong as your content marketing strategy. And by establishing a strong content marketing framework before crafting your content, you can guarantee each post, video, podcast, and article is in service of your ultimate goal.  

Whether you need to build a content marketing strategy from the ground up, need to refresh your existing strategy, or want to explore the ways in which content marketing can have a huge impact on your business, Findsome & Winmore can help.