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Dix.Hite + Partners

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Planting the Seeds

When Dix.Hite + Partners engaged Findsome & Winmore in 2019, it was to provide a refreshed brand identity and updated messaging. Drawing inspiration from Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man and the Golden Ratio, models for symmetry and harmony, we reinterpreted their now-ubiquitous leaf logo and accompanying color palette. But our work wouldn’t end there, and the question became less, “What can you do for us?” and more, “What can’t you do for us?”.


  • Brand Identity 
  • Public Relations 
  • Social Media Support 
  • Copywriting 

Drawing Up Digital Blueprints

At the onset of our creative partnership, Dix.Hite had a portfolio full of exciting, innovative work. They had a team of talented landscape architects, and the admiration of industry leaders. And they had the hunger for growth. One thing they didn’t have was a substantial social media or web presence. Deploying their elevated brand identity, we helped them establish their footing on social media, continuously leveraging content strategy to keep Dix.Hite in front of their audience. As for their website, we ensured that everything from UX to copywriting to color schemes spoke to their purpose: designing for life

Traversing a Changing Landscape

By 2022, we were three years into our partnership with Dix.Hite, and had tackled just about everything they had thrown at us. So, when the firm’s co-founder and CEO — the ‘Hite’ in ‘Dix.Hite’ — announced her intentions to step down after 13 years, we put our PR and strategic messaging hats on to help usher in a new era. For Dix.Hite, this leadership transition commanded much more than a press release. This would be the firm’s first new CEO in over a decade, allowing fresh energy to emerge directly from the ranks. But this organizational shift would also directly coincide with the firm’s shift to an employee stock ownership plan (ESOP). Throughout this year-long transition we developed and executed on a comprehensive communications plan, leveraging varying tactics to garner as much visibility for this momentous move as possible. In every news release, blog, social media post, and e-blast, our messaging sought to codify Dix.Hite’s values — steadying both employees and clients while shining a light on the exciting changes coming to the firm.

A Perennial Partnership

In the four years since Dix.Hite + Partners first approached Findsome & Winmore, they’ve introduced a new CEO, turned their employees into owners, and nearly doubled in size — while we’ve done just about everything in our power to help them along the way. And we can’t wait to see what we can help them with next.